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Ready For The Holidays #1- Mini Bathroom Make-over

If you are up north here in Muskoka you probably felt that Holiday Spirit sneak into your home like I did at our home this weekend.  The snow that started last week brought the annual feeling of Holiday Joy and the urge to decorate and get the house ready for company.  Having six extra teens for the weekend helped kick start the whole thing!  Nothing like company to get a project done! So we decided to spruce up the bathroom a bit.

I am going to admit here that the bathroom in our home has been the room that we have left far too long. Ideally, I would like to rip the whole thing out and start fresh but being the only bathroom in the house we can’t seem to find the right time to go without one for a week.  So instead, realizing we’d have our son’s Young Life work crew reunion this weekend and who knows who else next couple of months,  we did a quick fixer upper.  (does anyone else sing “fixer upper’ from Frozen when you say those words?)

Using our imagination and some elbow grease we updated this crazy little room and were quite pleased with the outcome. It has fresh and modern farmhouse charm.

Pine tongue and groove is making it’s way through the whole house is painted in Silver Feather DLX1002-1.  We painted the tub white, (YES THE TUB! 1980 Mauve was really getting on my nerves) and the bath surround Gibraltar Gray DLX1002-6 in a Dulux Diamond semi-gloss that makes it shine and almost sparkle! I can’t say enough about semi-gloss these days!  The rest of the room was done in the Dulux Kitchen and Bath eggshell, Silver Feather DLX1002-1; a soft and pretty off white. it brings out the warmth in the grey. We did the trim and window in the same paint as the wall. This helps blend them in to the walls. In such a small room that already has a lot going on in it I didn’t want the window to stand out. It’s small and not a focal point.  I’ll find a couple of nice towel bars this week and a cute holiday picture and we are all set.  (I’ll start talking new flooring in the spring. Give Mike a break for now)

Pictures to follow

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Think Outside the Cottage!

The weather is changing. We have a had a few warm nights and a few hot days. The time for outdoor/exterior painting in Muskoka is almost here. We will wait another week or so until the nights are all above 9 Celsius and then we are outdoors for the season.

This is a good time to call and book your Exterior Painting in Muskoka. The Koop Painting calendar is filling up but we do have some time for a few more jobs.  Not only may it be time to refresh your Cottage, think about your outdoor furniture. It might be a good time to Paint Muskoka Chairs! Try out new some new colours! Think Pastels or Brights or stick to the classic red and white. Whatever you decide on it make sure it is a colour that reflects your personality! We are happy to give you a colour consultation before Painting your Muskoka Chairs.

Our Muskoka Painters are on the job!

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